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  Stuart Cloete 23rd July, 1897 Paris, France Writer
  Adrienne Gessner 23rd July, 1896 Maria-Schutz, Semmering, Austria-Hungary, now Austria Actress
  Florence Vidor 23rd July, 1895 Houston, Texas, USA Actress
  Napoleão Tavares 23rd July, 1892 Ubá, Minas Gerais, Brazil Actor
  Clyde E. Elliott 23rd July, 1891 Ord, Nebraska, USA Director
  Everett Glass 23rd July, 1891 Bangor, Maine, USA Actor
  Vladimir Ratomsky 23rd July, 1891 Barnaul, Altai province, Russia Actor
  Lucius Cook 23rd July, 1891 New York, USA Actor
  Edna Sharpe 23rd July, 1890 Oakland, California, USA Actress
  Raymond Chandler 23rd July, 1888 Chicago, Illinois, USA Writer
  James Donlan 23rd July, 1888 San Francisco, California, USA Actor
  Walter Schmeier 23rd July, 1886 Zurich, Switzerland Actor
  Georg Jacoby 23rd July, 1883 Mainz, Germany Director
  Stuart Paton 23rd July, 1883 Glasgow, Scotland, UK Director
  Hans Kyser 23rd July, 1882 Graudenz, West Prussia, Germany [now Grudziadz, Poland] Writer
  John Harrington 23rd July, 1882 Riverside County, California, USA Actor
  Allen D. Sewall 23rd July, 1882 Massachusetts, USA Actor
  Margaret Illington 23rd July, 1881 Bloomington, Illinois, USA Actress
  Aruth Wartan 23rd July, 1880 Nakitschewan, Iran Actor
  Montague Glass 23rd July, 1877 Manchester, England, UK Writer