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  Amelia de la Torre 12th June, 1905 Illana, Guadalajara, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain Actress
  Enid Stamp-Taylor 12th June, 1904 Monkseaton, England, UK Actress
  Vittorio Vaser 12th June, 1904 Turin, Piedmont, Italy Actor
  Hertha von Walther 12th June, 1903 Hildesheim, Germany Actress
  Al Donahue 12th June, 1902 Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA Actor
  Ben Welden 12th June, 1901 Toledo, Ohio, USA Actor
  Sigfrid Tor 12th June, 1901 Njutanger, Sweden Actor
  Clyde Geronimi 12th June, 1901 Italy Director
  Betty van Es 12th June, 1900 Brussels, Belgium Actress
  Charley Foy 12th June, 1898 Illinois, USA Actor
  Jean Témerson 12th June, 1898 Paris, France Actor
  James Adamson 12th June, 1896 California, USA Actor
  Violette Wilson 12th June, 1896 Illinois, USA Actress
  George Plues 12th June, 1895 Washington, USA Actor
  Evelyn Varden 12th June, 1893 Adair, Oklahoma, USA Actress
  Eliseo Grenet 12th June, 1893 Havana, Cuba Composer
  Kommer Kleyn 12th June, 1893 Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Actor
  Heenan Elliott 12th June, 1892 Ohio, USA Actor
  H.M. Reddy 12th June, 1892 Karnataka, India Director
  Ivo Badalic 12th June, 1890 Zagreb, Croatia Actor