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  Ian Hogg 1st August, 1937 Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK Actor
  Markku Lahtela 1st August, 1936 Kemijärvi, Finland Writer
  Celeste Irene 1st August, 1936 São Paulo, SP, Brazil Actress
  Zvonimir Crnko 1st August, 1936 Bu^Úevec kraj Velike Gorice, Croatia/Hrvatska Actor
  Nobuo Tanaka 1st August, 1935 Tokyo, Japan Actor
  Tamaz Gomelauri 1st August, 1934 Tbilisi, Soviet Union [now Georgia] Director
  Jayme del Cueto 1st August, 1934 Livramento, RS, Brazil Actor
  Tally Brown 1st August, 1934 New York, New York, USA Actress
  Kung-won Nam 1st August, 1934 South Korea Actor
  Peter Dommisch 1st August, 1934 Berlin, Germany Actor
  Pit Krüger 1st August, 1934 Mannheim, Germany Actor
  Ebbe Langberg 1st August, 1933 Copenhagen, Denmark Actor
  Robert Yuro 1st August, 1932 New York, New York, USA Actor
  Norman Bowler 1st August, 1932 London, England, UK Actor
  Ladislav Trojan 1st August, 1932 Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) Actor
  Roland Stoltz 1st August, 1931 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden Actor
  Isabel de Castro 1st August, 1931 Lisbon, Portugal Actress
  Neuza Amaral 1st August, 1930 São José do Barreiro, São Paulo, Brazil Actress
  Mara Lane 1st August, 1930 Vienna, Austria Actress
  Maire Suvanto 1st August, 1930 Helsinki, Finland Actress