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Profile of Ethan James on Famous Like Me

Name: Ethan James  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 2nd August 1946
Place of Birth: Pasadena, California, USA
Profession: Composer
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The Dino Thunder Power Rangers are fictional characters and heroes in the Power Rangers universe, appearing in the television series Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.

The Dino Thunder Power Rangers got their powers from special Dino Gems of their respective colours, which gave them superhuman abilities and allowed them to transform into Power Rangers. They used their abilities to battle the evil mastermind Mesogog.

When they say, "Super Dino Mode", the Power Rangers tap into the power of the dinosaurs, gaining spikes on their uniforms and, in the case of Kira, wings.

Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver

Main article: Thomas Oliver

Tommy Oliver is the Black Dino Thunder Ranger and mentor of the team.

Conner McKnight

Main article: Conner McKnight

Conner McKnight is the Red Dino Ranger, and later the Triassic Ranger.

Ethan James

Ethan James, played by Kevin Duhaney, is the Blue Dino Thunder Power Ranger.

Ethan was a skilled hacker and computer expert at Reefside High School, whose pranks got him in trouble with Principal Randall. While serving detention with two other students (Conner McKnight and Kira Ford) under the new science teacher, Dr Thomas Oliver, Ethan found a Dino Gem and gained superhuman powers. He found that he could make his skin impenetrable.

Eventually, he also learned how to morph into the Blue Ranger. He controlled the Tricerazord (and for a short time the Stegazord), and used the Tricera Shield.

Kira Ford

Kira Ford, played by Emma Lahana, is the Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger.

Kira was a singer who discovered the Yellow Dino Gem while serving detention with her new teacher, Dr Thomas Oliver. The Dino Gem gave her the ability to emit ear-piercing screams, as well as the ability to morph into the Yellow Ranger. She controls the Pterazord, and uses the Ptera grips in combat.

At first she refused her new powers, but changed her mind and became a vital member of the team, along with Conner McKnight and Ethan James. After the Dino Gems are lost in the final battle with Mesogog, Kira continues her musical career, and is last seen playing at the school dance.

Trent Fernandez

Trent Fernandez, played by Jeffery Parrazo, is the White Dino Thunder Power Ranger.

Trent was adopted by Anton Mercer when his real parents were killed in an archeological cave-in, and though he considers Mercer his father he kept his original surname. He works at Hayley's Cybercafe as a waiter and draws in his spare time, though he keeps this secret because his father "is in no way supportive of his artistic endeavors".

Trent became suspicious of his father's bizarre comings and goings. While attempting to investigate, he was taken through an invisi-portal into Mesogog's lab. He found a Dino Gem that was intended to be bonded with Mesogog, however he became bonded to it instead. Trent found himself uncontrollably morphing into the White Ranger. As the White Ranger, he controls the Dragozord and the Stegazord, rides the Drago ATV, uses the Drago Sword and his Gem Power is Camoflauge.

Soon, the evil power of the Dino Gem he had found took control, and he was turned evil. He served Mesogog for a time. He and Zeltrax frequently clashed over who was second-in-command, which ended when Zeltrax messed up Mesogog's lab and framed Trent for it.

Trent became good again and discovered that Mesogog was, in fact, Anton Mercer. After that Trent joined the Power Rangers as per his father's request and is working to make up for all the trouble he caused when he was evil. Trent kept his father's secret, even from the other Rangers, which eventually led to them mistrusting him again when they found out.

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Time Force - Wild Force - Ninja Storm - Dino Thunder - SPD - Mystic Force

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