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Profile of Kid Rock on Famous Like Me

Name: Kid Rock  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 17th January 1971
Place of Birth: Romeo, Michigan, USA
Profession: Composer
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia
Kid Rock

Kid Rock (real name Robert James Ritchie, born January 17, 1971 in Romeo, Michigan) is a performer who combines many genres of music together ranging from hard rock to rap and even country.


  • Genres: Hard Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Country, Alternative Rock, Soul, Blues,
  • Country: USA
  • Status: Active


Early Years

Kid Rock derives his name from his early years of rapping in parking lots and bars, when, so Kid Rock says, people in the audience would remark, "Look at that white kid rock." He dropped "white," and his stage name was born. He began his hip-hop career at the age of 15. He became well-known in a Mount Clemens, Michigan housing project because of his unique style of rapping. He later moved to New York City, where he was said to have lived just below Queen Latifah. He got to know a lot of the area's rappers and landed a tour deal with Ice Cube and Too $hort when he was only 18 years old.

First Albums

In 1989, his first album, on the Jive label, was Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, produced by Too $hort, D Nice and others. This defined his outlandish attitude, although the album was not a success. When a college DJ played the song from his album "Yodelin' in the Valley," he was fined $25,000 by the FCC. The president of the university described the song as "the most indecent thing ever heard". After the release of his first album, Rock attended an autograph signing at Record Time in Roseville, Michigan to promote his CD. While there, a young musician got into an argument with him over his rise to fame. This young musician was a 17 year old Marshall Mathers III, who later became famous under the name of Eminem. The two formed a friendship that exists to this day, with each appearing on the others' first successful albums (Eminem doing the last verse of Fuck Off on Devil Without A Cause and Rock doing the cuts on Just Don't Give A Fuck from The Slim Shady LP).

In 1993 The Polyfuze Method was released. In 1996, Early Morning Stoned Pimp dropped along with the EP, Fire it Up.

Mainstream Success

After a whole decade from his first demo, in 1998, he joined Atlantic Records and released his famous album Devil Without a Cause. This was his first real success with the album going 11 times platinum in the US, almost becoming one of the top 50 top selling albums ever. The Detroit Red Wings, after their victory, chose the opening phrase from "Early Morning Stoned Pimp" as their victory chant.

From 2000

In 2000, Kid Rock released his album The History of Rock. He had acquired the rights to his indie-label recordings and remixed or re-recorded the best material for the album. The only new track was "American Bad Ass" which was his first single from the album.

In 2001 he released his album Cocky which was marketed as the follow up to his 1998 success. It featured all new songs, but did not reach the same level of success due to many fans not appreciating his fusion of country music into many of the tracks. However, his most successful single on the album was infact the most country influenced. Rock has gained country music acclaim for such notable performances as "Picture", a duet with Sheryl Crow; his performance of "Luckenbach, Texas" on the Waylon Jennings tribute album I've Always Been Crazy; and his appearance on Country Music Television's Crossroads episode with Hank Williams, Jr..

In 2003, Kid Rock returned with a self-titled album which delved even more into country music. A cover of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love" marked the first single.

His talent can be shown by the fact that on his albums he is credited for not only vocals but guitar (steel, rhythm, electric and acoustic), bass, percussion, mixing, mellotron, keyboard, backing vocals, slide guitar, scratching, programming, producer and even banjo. He is famous for his high-energy personality on and off stage. Kid rock's music has evolved considerably over time which has caused him to lose and gain millions of fans.

A new album is expected to be released sometime before 2005 ends.

Recently, he has made a cameo appearance along with Larry the Cable Guy, Charlie Daniels, and Hank Williams Jr. in Gretchen Wilson's music video for the song "All Jacked Up", whose album will be released at the end of September.

Twisted Brown Trucker

Joe C performing with Kid Rock.

TBT is Kid Rock's band.

  • Joe C (born Joesph Calleja) (Vocalist) - Part of Kid Rocks earlier stage performances included a white midget rapper, who died of complications of coeliac disease in 2000.
  • Uncle Kracker (Turn Tables, Vocalist)
  • Kenny Olson (Lead Guitar) - Who has since quit the band to follow his own project
  • Jason Krause (Guitar)
  • Jimmie Bones (Keyboard)
  • Stefanie Eulinberg (Drums)
  • Aaron Julison (Bass)

Personal Life

Kid Rock has one son, Robert James Ritchie Jr.; born, born June 14, 1993 with Kelly South, a Detroit auto worker. He has never been married although he was engaged to Pamela Anderson in 2002 after having an adulterous affair with her while she was still married to musician Tommy Lee. He is currently dating actress Jesse Jane.

Kid Rock is also unique among artists of his genre as he has outspoken conservative-leaning political views. He has been a supporter of US President George W. Bush. He was not allowed to play at the Republican National Convention, however, as his music contains much liberal content, including his practice of pre-marital sex. Also, originally, he was planned to play at president Bush's re-inaguration party, but this was cancelled, once again based on morals, especially since according to exit polls, Bush won the election on morals.


  • Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast (1991)
  • Back from the Dead (1992)
  • The Polyfuze Method (1993)
  • Fire It Up (Kid Rock album) (1994)
  • Early Morning Stoned Pimp (1996)
  • Devil Without a Cause (1998) The Billboard 200: #4 (11x Platinum)
    • I Am the Bullgod (1998) Mainstream Rock Tracks: #31
    • Bawitdaba (1999) Modern Rock Tracks: #10
    • Only God Knows Why (1999) Mainstream Rock Tracks: #5
    • Cowboy (1999) Modern Rock Tracks: #5
    • Waisting Time (2000) Mainstream Rock Tracks: #35
  • The History of Rock (2000) The Billboard 200: #2 (2x Platinum)
    • American Bad Ass (2000) Mainstream Rock Tracks: #20
  • Cocky (2001) The Billboard 200: #3 (4x Platinum)
    • Forever (2001) Mainstream Rock Tracks: #18
    • Picture (with Sheryl Crow) (2002) Highest played song on TV, radios, and downloads: #1
  • Kid Rock (2003) The Billboard 200: #8 (Platinum)
    • Feel Like Makin' Love (2004) Mainstream Rock Tracks: #33
    • Cold and Empty (2004) Mainstream Rock Tracks: #20
    • Single Father (2004) Hot Country Singles & Tracks: #50
    • Jackson, Mississippi (2004) Mainstream Rock Tracks: #14

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