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Famous Like Me > Actress > B > Janet Burston

Profile of Janet Burston on Famous Like Me

Name: Janet Burston  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 11th January 1935
Place of Birth: California, USA
Profession: Actress
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

Janet Burston (January 11, 1935 - March 3, 1998) was an American child actress who was the final leading lady in the Our Gang short subjects series, replacing Darla Hood in 1942.

She appeared in a few outside films as well, leaving show business in the late 1940s, eventually becoming a housewife.

Janet Burston was not her real name. According to the FAQ page on Shirley Jean Rickert's site:

I was delighted, this afternoon, to find your site. I was ecstatic to find someone who obviously answers questions because I have one which is driving me nuts. Reading through the previous mail I think maybe you were with the Rascals or Our Gang long before the newer kids came along during the war. (at MGM?) I know the critics at least do not have a lot of kind things to say about that group of kids. I think Robert Blake was one of them. One of those stories was a patriotic film with the various members of the cast performing as grown up celebs. One of the boys did a Fred Astaire, and one of the girls, Janet, did a Carmen Miranda.

For several years I worked with Janet in Radio in Canada on a show on The Super Seniors Network. That's right it was for us old codgers. I knew her as Meegan Hildebrand. Meegan was her real first name, Janet was the Little Rascals name. I cannot remember her last name in the Rascals series. Do you? It's in the Leonard Maltin Book but I gave my copy to Meegan years ago as a gift and now I can't retrieve it. She sadly passed away as a cancer victim in early April and I just got word today. "She didn't want anyone to know she was ill."

It's a difficult thing to report but if you could pass the word on from your Web Site I'm sure many will remember her.

Incidentally I have two years on you kiddo.

Keith Sterling

Hi Keith - I bow to my senior - and at my age there aren't too many "seniors" around. Janet's last name was Burston. I had gone on to the Mickey Maguire Comedies and even done the John Wayne movie by the time she worked with the kids. She was in afte MGM had taken the series on and tried to make the kids into 'little' adults. If you're interested in getting another copy of the book, "Little Rascals, the Life and Times of the Our Gang" drop me an email and I'll tell you how. Thanks for the update on one of the Gang, I'm more than happy to pass the information on.

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