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Famous Like Me > Writer > U > Dubravka Ugresic

Profile of Dubravka Ugresic on Famous Like Me

Name: Dubravka Ugresic  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 27th March 1949
Place of Birth: Kutina, Croatia
Profession: Writer
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

Dubravka Ugrešić is a noted Croatian writer who lives in the Netherlands.

Dubravka Ugrešić was born in Zagreb in 1949 in what was then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, now Croatia. She was a professor of Russian language and literature at Institute of Theory of Literature at the University of Zagreb when she started a writing career.

Her best known novel is "Štefica Cvek u raljama života"/In the jaws of life- an ironic postmodernist fiction freely playing with cliches and stereotypes of trivial literature and culture. The novel was an immediate success and made into movie.

Ugrešić emigrated in 1993 for political reasons. After the outbreak of Yugoslav wars in 1991, Ugrešić tried to take a neutral position between the Serbs and the Croats, but this was deemed unacceptable by many of her Croatian compatriots. Even the essayist and novelist Antun Šoljan, a literary figure known for restraint with regard to ethnic disputes, reacted negatively to such a stance from Ugrešić. Others even perceived it as an act of national treason. A 1992 Globus article by Slaven Letica accused five Croatian female writers, Ugrešić included, of being "witches" and of "raping" Croatia. Subsequently, Ugrešić left Croatia for the United States of America, and later the Netherlands.

Her writing has been described as accessible, intelligent, innovative, and politically and emotionally charged.

Ugrešić lives in Amsterdam. Her first visit to Croatia after her self-imposed exile in the early 1990s happened only in 2004 (during the promotion of her book "Ministry of Pain"). She has not declared an intent to return to her original homeland.


Ugrešić received numerous awards and international recognition for her writing.

In former Yugoslavia, she was the recipient of the Gjalski Award, the Meša Selimović Award, NIN Award and the Award of the City of Zagreb.

She also received:

  • European Essay Award
  • the Heinrich Mann Award of the Berlin Arts Academy
  • Swiss Charles Veillon European Prize
  • Austrian State prize for European Literature
  • Dutch Resistance Prize
  • German SudWest Funk Prize
  • Premio Feronia-Citta di Fiano, Italy

She was also nominated for the Strega Award in Italy.

Bibliography in English

  • In the Jaws of Life (Štefica Cvek u raljama života)
  • The Culture of Lies
  • The Museum of Unconditional Surrender
  • Fording the Stream of Consciousness (Forsiranje romana reke)
  • Thank You for Not Reading
  • Have A Nice Day (Američki fikcionar)

This content from Wikipedia is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article Dubravka Ugresic