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Profile of Afroman on Famous Like Me

Name: Afroman  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 28th July 1974
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
Profession: Composer
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

Afroman (born Joseph Foreman) is a pop music rap artist from Palmdale, California. His best-known song is the 2001 hit "Because I Got High", which gained popularity through Napster, local radio play, a feature on Howard Stern's radio show, and the "stoner" movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (and accompanying soundtrack).

Afroman - The Good Times

Afroman is now a Christian. The lyrics of the songs on "Afroholic" begin with references to drugs and sex but then the last verse is usually about how Afroman has now found Jesus.

Afroman is also fond of referencing his independence from record labels and the "corporate world" and cites himself as an example of how an artist can take recording and distribution into own hands.


My Fro-losophy (1999)

  1. (Freestyle) Fro-style
  2. Let Me Out
  3. Cali Swang'n
  4. If It Ain't Free
  5. Crazy Rap
  6. The Solution
  7. What If
  8. Ante Dope Valley
  9. Tall Cans

Afroman's first album. All songs are different versions from those that appear on later albums, except Tall Cans. The title is likely a reference to the KRS-One song My Philosophy.

Sell Your Dope (1999)

  1. Basehead Boogie
  2. Palmdale
  3. Crazy Rap
  4. Let's All Get Drunk
  5. If It Ain't Free
  6. Sell Your Dope
  7. There's A Price 2 Pay
  8. Paranoid
  9. Strugglin' N Strivin'
  10. Let Me Out
  11. Bacc 2 School
  12. Hungry Hustler
  13. God Has Smiled On Me

Because I Got High (2000)

  1. Because I Got High
  2. Mississippi
  3. Girls
  4. You Ain't My Friend
  5. Hush
  6. Tumbleweed
  7. Dopefiend
  8. She Won't Let Me Fucc
  9. Tall Cans
  10. Bacc on The Bus
  11. Graveyard Shift
  12. Because I Got High (Radio Edit)
  13. The American Dream

The Good Times (2001)

  1. Because I Got High
  2. Crazy Rap
  3. She Won't Let Me...
  4. Hush
  5. Tumbleweed
  6. Let's All Get Drunk
  7. Tall Cans
  8. Palmdale
  9. Mississippi (new version)
  10. The American Dream
  11. Because I Got High (Extended Version)

Afroholic... The Even Better Times (2004)

  1. Nobody Knows My Name
  2. Leaving California
  3. Turn It Off
  4. Suck a Dick Jockey
  5. Girlz
  6. I've Been Hustlin'
  7. West Y'all
  8. Drive Better Drunk
  9. Jackin' Afroman
  10. Colt 45
  11. Freak On With You
  12. Ghetto Memories
  13. Cali Swangin'
  14. What If (feat. E-40)
  15. From Tha Ghetto
  16. Sag Your Pants
  17. Wonderful Tonite
  18. Keep On Limp'n
  19. On My Hustle (feat. DJ Mr. Mixxx and Big Luc)
  20. Caddy Hop
  21. Just My Paranoia
  22. Let's Get High Tonight
  23. Late at Night
  24. Rollin'
  25. Hittin' Switches
  26. Airport
  27. West Coast Rap
  28. Compton Isn't Too Far Away
  29. Money (Ain't Everything)
  30. Money (Reprise)
  31. U Can Make It
  32. Major Beat
  33. Me and Kenny

Jobe Bells (2004)

  1. Deck My Balls
  2. Violent Night
  3. 12 J's of X-Mas
  4. Jobe Bells
  5. O Chronic Tree
  6. A Strainj Poem
  7. Death To The World
  8. Palmbells
  9. Nutscracker
  10. An Even Strainjer Poem
  11. 12 J's of X-Mas
  12. I Wish You Would Roll a New Blunt

4R0:20 (2004)

  1. Trip
  2. Beer Bottle Up
  3. Ghetto Life
  4. On Tha Mic
  5. Check Out My Website
  6. Tha More U Drink
  7. Take A Hit
  8. Come On
  9. Life of Tha Party
  10. Smoke A Blunt

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