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Famous Like Me > Actor > C > Gackt Camui

Profile of Gackt Camui on Famous Like Me

Name: Gackt Camui  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 4th July 1971
Place of Birth: Okinawa, Japan
Profession: Actor
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

Gackt M.S. Camui (ガクト, but most often written in English, even in Japan; pronounced "ga-ku-to") is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist -- (trumpet, tuba, horn, trombone, piano, guitar, drums, bass), all other standard orchestral instruments, and most traditional Japanese instruments. He is a beloved idol in Japan and is also known internationally. Gackt claims to have been imbued with certain psychic powers after a fall off a boat at a young age. He is a former vocalist of Cains:Feel and Malice Mizer. It was during his time with Malice Mizer that he began to achieve national recognition, and he attracted a large number of fans to the group.

Gackt can speak Japanese, English, Mandarin, Korean, and French


Early life

Camui does not release his birth date, maintaining a biography fit for a member of Malice Mizer. He claims his birthday is July 4, 1540, but some sources say that he was born on the more realistic date of July 4, 1973. He has never revealed his real name, and various rumors about what it might be (Okabe Satoru?) are pure conjecture.

Born in Okinawa, Japan, he was raised by unusually strict parents who regulated his life. His television viewing was restricted to national or educational programming. At age seven, Gackt nearly drowned in the Sea of Okinawa. After being saved, he claimed to be able to see things that normal people couldn't and was then sent into isolation in a mental hospital.

Gackt was a very competitive person who stated, "It's not that I want to win, it's just that I don't want to lose." As a child, he had always wanted to be better than anyone else and continues to learn new skills and practice existing skills to become better. He has always been extremely ambitious.

His interest in music was a rough one; his parents, both musicians, forced him to learn the piano when he was three. He was too small to actually play, but he had to sit in front of the piano for two hours. Later, his competitive nature made him master the piano after seeing his friend play better than him. Then, Gackt's interest changed to brass instruments after seeing his father play trumpet. Again, his competitive nature resulted in non-stop practice and mastery of several instruments of the brass category, but it all ended when his parents worried it would damage his teeth and forbade him to play. This prompted him to consider becoming a music conductor.

When Gackt turned 17, his music life changed when his mother told him that she regretted forcing him to learn piano. Then he changed his tastes in music from classical to rock (after becoming very interested in it because he had never heard it in his childhood) and moved him to learn band instruments.

Early Career

Gackt started as a drum technician for a recording studio and drummer for an unknown band. Later on, he met lifelong friends and fellow performers Ren and You and formed a band, Cains:Feel, with Gackt as the vocalist, although he felt his deep voice wasn't suited for the trend at the time.

Days with Malice Mizer

Gackt's popularity began to rise after joining the visual kei band Malice Mizer on October 1995 as their new vocalist. His contributions to the band led it in a new stylistic direction, bringing a soft romantic touch to their music as well as their appearance. During Gackt's time with the band, Malice Mizer met its greatest popularity, releasing two albums (Voyage ~sans retour~ on Mana's Midi:Nette label and their first and only major release, Merveilles on Nippon Columbia) as well as a number of singles.

Gackt left in 1998 after the end of the "Merveilles" Tour. He has variously cited personal, artistic, and financial differences as reasons for leaving. Also, in his autobiography, Gackt said that he was asked by Malice Mizer to leave, although he wished to stay.

Solo career

After leaving Malice Mizer, Gackt started a solo career with a group of people called GacktJOB, consisting of several members including You (violin/rhythm guitar), Yukihiro Chachamaru Fujimura (lead guitar/effects), Masa (rhythm guitar), Ren (bass), Toshi (drums), Yosh (choreographer/dancer), and Igao (keyboards) (and much later Ryuichi Ryu Nishida on drums, and Ju-ken on bass). His live shows often include homoerotic play (fanservice) with some of these members. His solo career has been a great success as he continues to maintain a level of popularity far greater than when he was with Malice Mizer. His fans (whom he calls "Dears") live in many different countries across the world.

In addition to music, Gackt has been involved as an actor in various TV commercials (usually playing himself), the Japanese drama Hero's Hero, and co-writing and co-starring in the hit vampire movie Moon Child with hyde, vocalist of L'Arc-en-Ciel, with whom he has a strong bond.

He has also written a book, Moonchild: Requiem, and several as-yet unpublished short stories, worked as a runway model for his favorite designer, Yoshiyuki Konishi, designed his own stage-wear and clothing line, and opened his own private, members only restaurant/bar, Tamaly Bar, complete with his own personal and family recipies. In 2003 his autobiography, where he displays his deep thoughts and events, appeared.

Gackt was also involved in the PlayStation 2 game Bujingai, for which he performed voice work as well as doing motion capture for the game's protagonist. He has also appeared in Japanese commercials for the hit game Metal Gear Solid 2, and his name appeared on a dog tag in-game. Other voice-over work Gackt has done includes the character 'Seiji' from the anime New Fist of the North Star (Shin Hokuto no Ken). He also performed the ending theme 「月の詩」, (Tsuki no Uta) for the anime Texhnolyze.

Gackt is usually cited as being the model for Final Fantasy VIII lead Squall Leonhart's character design.

In early 2005 he was asked to write and perform the theme songs for the Gundam movie 'Zeta Gundam: A New Translation', which was eagerly anticipated by a significant number of people in the anime-community. The songs were 'Metamorphoze' and a rearrangement of a previously released song,「君が待っているから」(Kimi ga Matteiru kara).


GacktJOB is Gackt's group of support members. Current members include:

  • You (violin, guitar)
  • Chachamaru (茶々丸) (bandleader, backing vocals, & guitar)
  • Ju-ken (bass)
  • Ryu (drums)
  • Igao (keyboard)
  • Yosh (choreographer)

Among former members are:

  • Ren (bass) currently in band LinClover
  • Masa (rhythm guitar) who was in the band Spiky and currently in DizzyDrive


In several cases, the Japanese titles are given first, followed by the romaji titles in square brackets.


  • Mizérable (12 May 1999)
  • MARS (26 April 2000)
  • Rebirth (25 April 2001) - A special pre-order edition was released on 27 June 2001
  • MOON (19 June 2002)
  • Crescent (3 December 2003)
  • The Sixth Day: Single Collection (25 February 2004)
  • The Seventh Night: Unplugged (26 May 2004)
  • Love Letter (14 February 2005)
  • Love Letter - For Korean Dears (16 June 2005)
  • DIABOLOS (21 September 2005)


  • Mizérable (9 July 1999)
  • Vanilla (11 August 1999)
  • Remix of Gackt EP (3 November 1999)
  • Mirror (9 February 2000)
  • OASIS (16 February 2000)
  • 鶺鴒〜seki-ray[Sekirei–seki-ray–] (8 March 2000)
  • 再会〜Story[Saikai–Story–] (30 August 2000)
  • Secret Garden (16 November 2000)
  • 君のためにできること [Kimi no tameni dekiru koto] (14 March 2001)
  • ANOTHER WORLD (5 September 2001)
  • 12月のLove song [Juunigatsu no Love Song] (16 December 2001)
  • Vanilla (20 March 2002) - re-release with video on first prints
  • 忘れないから [Wasurenai kara] (24 April 2002)
  • 12月のLove song (27 November 2002) - with English version "December Love"
  • 君が追いかけた夢 [Kimi ga oikaketa yume] (19 March 2003)
  • 月の詩 [TSUKI no UTA] (11 June 2003)
  • Lu:na/OASIS (25 June 2003)
  • Last Song (12 November 2003)
  • 12月のLove song (3 December 2003) - with Chinese version
  • 君に逢いたくて [Kimi ni aitakute] (27 October 2004)
  • 12月のLove song (14 December 2004) - with Korean version
  • ありったけの愛で [Arittake no ai de] (26 January 2005)
  • BLACK STONE (27 April 2005)
  • Metamorphoze~メタモルフォーゼ~ (25 May 2005)
  • 届カナイ愛ト知ッテイタノニ抑エキレズニ愛シ続ケタ・・・ [Todokanai ai to shitteita no ni osae kirezu ni aishitsuzuketa...] (10 August 2005)


  • Mizérable Single Box (30 June 1999)
  • Video Vanilla (8 December 1999)
  • Video Mirror.OASIS (18 June 2000)
  • MARS 空からの訪問者〜回想〜 [MARS Sora Kara No Homounsha–Kaisou– ] (4 October 2000)
  • MARS 空からの訪問者〜回想〜 (Lawson Special Backstage Report) (27 November 2000)
  • PLATINUM BOX 〜Ⅰ〜 (16 December 2000)
  • 再生と終焉 [Saisei to Shuen] (21 June 2001)
  • Requiem et Réminiscence〜終焉と静寂〜 [Requiem et Réminiscence–Shuen to Seijaku–] (28 September 2001)
  • Requiem et Réminiscence〜終焉と静寂〜 (Lawson Special Backstage Report) (24 October 2001)
  • seven (2001) - exclusive Dears-only content
  • 微風 [Soyokaze] (1 March 2002) - includes the short film, Life
  • 心海 2002.6.6〜7.10 LIVE TOUR DOCUMENTS [Shinkai] (27 November 2002)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2002 下弦の⽉〜聖夜の調〜 [Kagen no Tsuki –Seiya no Shirabe–] (19 March 2003)
  • ⽉光 [Gekkou] (6 August 2003)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2003 上弦の⽉〜最終章〜 [Jogen no Tsuki –Saishusho–] (18 September 2003)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2004 THE SIXTH DAY & SEVENTH NIGHT 〜FINAL〜 (15 September 2004)


  • MARS 空からの訪問者〜回想〜 特別編 [MARS Sora Kara No Homounsha–Kaisou– Tokubetsuhen] (20 November 2000)
  • Requiem et Réminiscence〜終焉と静寂〜 特別編 [Requiem et Réminiscence–Shuen to Seijaku– Tokubetsuhen] (30 November 2001)
  • PLATINUM BOX 〜Ⅱ〜 (21 December 2001)
  • PLATINUM BOX 〜Ⅲ〜 (21 December 2002)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2002 下弦の⽉〜聖夜の調〜 [Kagen no Tsuki –Seiya no Shirabe–] (19 March 2003)
  • ⽉光 [Gekkou] (6 August 2003) - includes special footage of Gackt's joke for Ren's birthday on the Dears FC trip to Hawaii
  • Gackt Live Tour 2003 上弦の⽉〜最終章〜 [Jogen no Tsuki –Saishusho–] (18 September 2003)
  • PLATINUM BOX 〜Ⅳ〜 (16 December 2003)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2004 THE SIXTH DAY & SEVENTH NIGHT 〜FINAL〜 (15 September 2004)
  • PLATINUM BOX 〜Ⅴ〜 (14 December 2004)

All PLATINUM BOX first editions have a velvet hardcover; subsequent editions have a plastic hardcase.

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