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Famous Like Me > Writer > R > Gerard Reve

Profile of Gerard Reve on Famous Like Me

Name: Gerard Reve  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 14th December 1923
Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Profession: Writer
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia
Gerard Reve

Gerard Reve (December 14, 1923) is a Dutch writer.

Publishing first under the name Simon van het Reve and Gerard Kornelis van het Reve, he became known as Gerard Reve.

Was one of the first public homosexuals in The Netherlands. Often wrote explicitly about intercourse between men, which many people considered to be shocking. Another often used theme was religion.

Had a very formal writing style, characterised by lack of plot.

Infamous for breaking a rather archaic Dutch law against blasphemy in 1966. Gerard Reve was prosecuted for comparing his conversion to the Catholic faith to making tender love to a donkey. In the 1970s, he appeared at a Dutch poetry festival, wearing a swastika as well as a hammer and sickle symbol on his clothes, and making rude and insulting remarks against present foreigners, especially people from Suriname. This event led to a lot of controversy, and many people have since wondered if Reve had lost his mind, or if he wanted to make a certain statement. Reve himself never explained this action.

Gerard Reve is the brother of Karel van het Reve.


  • De avonden (The evenings, 1947)
  • Werther Nieland (1949)
  • De ondergang van de familie Boslowits (The fall of the Boslowits family, 1950)
  • Tien vrolijke verhalen (Ten happy stories, 1961)
  • Vier Wintervertellingen (Four Winter Tales, 1963)
  • Op weg naar het einde (Approaching the end, 1963)
  • Nader tot U (Nearer to Thee, 1966)
  • De taal der liefde (The language of love, 1972)
  • Lieve jongens (Dear boys, 1973)
  • Een circusjongen (A circus boy, 1975)
  • Brieven aan kandidaat katholiek A. 1962-1969 (Letters to candidate Catholic A. 1962-1969, 1976)
  • Oud en eenzaam (Old and lonely, 1978)
  • Brieven aan Wimie (Letters to Wimie, 1980)
  • Moeder en zoon (Mother and son, 1980)
  • Brieven aan Bernard S. (Letters to Bernard S., 1981)
  • De vierde man (The fourth man, 1981)
  • Brieven aan Josine M. (Letters to Josine M., 1981)
  • Brieven aan Simon C. 1971-1975 (Letters to Simon C. 1971-1975, 1982)
  • Brieven aan Wim B. 1968-1975 (Letters to Wim B. 1968-1975, 1983)
  • Brieven aan Frans P. 1965-1969 (Letters to Frans P. 1965-1969, 1984)
  • De stille vriend (The silent friend, 1984)
  • Brieven aan geschoolde arbeiders (Letters to educated workers, 1985)
  • Zelf schrijver worden (Becoming a writer yourself, 1985)
  • Brieven aan Ludo P. 1962-1980 (Letters to Ludo P. 1962-1980, 1986)
  • Bezorgde ouders (Worried parents, 1988)
  • Brieven aan mijn lijfarts 1963-1980 (Letters to my personal physician 1963-1980, 1991)
  • Brieven aan een aardappeleter (Letters to a potato eater, 1993)
  • Op zoek (Searching, 1995)
  • Het boek van violet en dood (The book of violet and death, 1996)
  • Ik bak ze bruiner (I bake them browner, 1996)
  • Brieven aan Matroos Vosch (Letters to Matroos Vosch, 1997)
  • Het hijgend hert (The panting deer, 1998)

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