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Profile of Sam Lewis on Famous Like Me

Name: Sam Lewis  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 25th October 1885
Place of Birth: New York, New York, USA
Profession: Composer
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

Samual Lewis (October 18, 1896–January 2, 1971) was an American mystic and dance teacher who founded the Dances of Universal Peace movement. He was also known under his Sufi name of Murshid and to the popular press as Sufi Sam.


His father Jacob was a Vice President of the Levi Strauss jean manufacturing company. His mother was Harriett Rosenthal, the daughter of Lenore Rothschild of the international banking family.

To his parents' dismay he showed a keen interest in religion and spirituality from an early age and later rejected their attempts at as business career for him.

He studied mathematics at Columbia University in 1916.

In 1919 he entered a Sufi community in Fairfax, California where he met and was influenced by the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan an Indian Sufi teacher and musician . A year later he began Zen study with Sogaku Shaku, a disciple of the Rinzai Zen Buddhist Abbot Shaku Soyen. The twin spiritual influences of Sufism and Zen were to remain central throughout his life.

He remained in the Faifax Sufi community through the early 1920s and achieved deepening mystical experiences. In 1926 he collaborated in the opening of the first official Zendo teaching Zen Buddhism in America in San Francisco.

He continued to study Sufism and Zen and added yoga to his studies. He developed an interest in horticulture and promoted seed exchanges across the world.

In 1956 he began travelling the world visiting Japan, India and Egypt, seeking the company of other mystics and teachers.

In 1967 whilst recovering from a heart attack in hospital he heard the Voice of God speak to him and say, "I make you spiritual leader of the hippies."

For the remainder of his life he travelled around California developing and teaching the Dances of Universal Peace which draw on all the spiritual traditions he had encountered. The movement he created continues today.


"Words are not peace. Thoughts are not peace. Plans are not peace. Programs are not peace. Peace is fundamental to all faiths. Peace is fullness, all inclusive ...and must be experienced."

"One of the reasons I am teaching this music and dancing is to increase Joy, not awe towards another person, but bliss in our own self. This is finding God within, through Experience."

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