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Profile of Hubert on Famous Like Me

Name: Hubert  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 9th November 1959
Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Profession: Actor
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

Hubert is a European family name and first name. Saint Hubert, first bishop of Liege, Belgium, was the "Apostle to the Ardennes;"

As a family name it is explained as an abbreviation of Hubertz (Yiddish and Sorbian form of Huberowitz) meaning "Houber's son" or "(son) of Heber" or simply Heberite.

As a first name it is most commonly explained from Teutonic combining the elements Mind (Hu) + Bright (Bert). This is not surprising when considering its Huber element as a derivation of Heber.

It also occurs in the following variations:

  • Hubbard
  • Huppertz (Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, USA), Hupperts, Huppert (France), Hupert
  • Hobart
  • Hibbert
  • Kubers
  • Kober
  • Kubritz
  • Kupar
  • Heberite

There are communes that start with Hubert (pro; HOO-behr) in France:

  • Hubert-Folie

This content from Wikipedia is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article Hubert