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Profile of Krist Novoselic on Famous Like Me

Name: Krist Novoselic  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 16th May 1965
Place of Birth: Compton, California, USA
Profession: Composer
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia
Krist Novoselic

Krist Anthony Novoselic (born May 16, 1965, Compton, California) is an American rock musician best known for being the bassist for Nirvana.


His parents were immigrants from Croatia. Krist has a younger brother; Robert, and a sister; Diana. Krist was teased by his peers during his high school years, and his parents, growing concerned about his depression, sent him to live with relatives in Croatia, then still part of Yugoslavia. Although Krist and his family already had some knowledge with the Croatian language, and spoke it around his house, his trip to Croatia widened his vocabulary there, and is to this day fluent in it. Krist greatly enjoyed his time in Croatia, enjoying school and meeting many friends. There, Krist gained interest in punk music. He heard bands like The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and even some local bands. After a year spent in Croatia, he returned to America.

After returning home, Krist became a heavy drinker and started to smoke marijuana. Krist recalls that he used to drink so heavily because it "puts you in another reality, where everything is cartoon-like". Krist gained a reputation as a party animal, who would drink heavily and act silly at parties. Krist, although well known for his party antics, didn't really have actual "friends". He just would hang around with people. Eventually, Krist decided to get a job, and worked for Taco Bell, saving his money and skipping parties.

Krist spent the money he had saved on a guitar, a car, and some stereo speakers. Krist took guitar lessons from the man who taught his future bandmate Kurt Cobain, Warren Mason, attempting to learn to play blues. Krist soon quit these lessons, and taught himself, listening to old B.B. King records and trying to play blues songs in his bedroom. One day, Krist's brother Robert walked into the Novoselic house with his friend Kurt Cobain, when Kurt noticed loud music coming from upstairs. Robert told Kurt that it was his brother Krist, who listened to punk rock. Kurt would remember this, as Novoselic, and Cobain would later change the music world forever as Nirvana.


Kurt Cobain made a tape of some solo recordings, sent them to Novoselic, and Nirvana was born. The two played together along with Dale Crover of The Melvins. Nirvana later found another drummer in Chad Channing, who would drum for Nirvana's first album: Bleach. Channing later left the band, and Dave Grohl, future Foo Fighters frontman, played the drums.

Krist and his Nirvana bandmates were extremely successful, releasing three studio albums, until Kurt Cobain committed suicide in April 1994. Kurt Cobain's death effectively ended Nirvana. Krist is, by far, best known for playing bass in the band Nirvana.

Krist (front) with bandmates Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl

After Nirvana

After Nirvana's dissolution, Novoselic formed the band Sweet 75, which was a commercial failure. Later, he joined Jello Biafra and former Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil in the No WTO Combo. He was the bassist for the super-group band Eyes Adrift, which also included former Meat Puppets frontman Curt Kirkwood and former Sublime and Long Beach Dub Allstars drummer Bud Gaugh. After dismal sales of their self-titled debut, the trio disbanded in 2003.

Novoselic remains active in politics, making appearances to advocate electoral reform (especially instant-runoff voting and proportional representation) and running the website He considered a 2004 run for Lieutenant Governor of Washington (as a Democrat, challenging an incumbent of the same party), but ultimately decided against it. He recently got married. His first book, Of Grunge and Government: Let's Fix This Broken Democracy, was published in October 2004.

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